Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Maruti Mera Dost

Maruti Mera Dost


Chandrachud Singh, Ritika Shrivastava, Erik Nanda, Sushmita Mukherji, Murli Sharma, Vindoo Dara Singh, Shahbaaz Khan

Director: Manikya Raju

Producer : Abhimanyu Singh

Music: Kartik Shah

Story: Manikya Raju, Mann Katoja

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2. Save all files e.g., 001, 002, 003 etc in one folder then join files using HJSplit . Download HJSplit from http://www.freebyte.com/hjsplit/
3. You will see a file called Mrbi_N_Out_PDR_CoolIndianGuy.com.avi (size approx 700MB) in the same folder where you saved the file after joining, At last play that AVI file using VLC Player. VLC Player: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

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1. Indian Express by Shubhra Gupta

For once, a kiddie film that doesn’t make you cringe. This part live, part animated tale of Sankat Mochan Hanuman, the monkey god who always comes to the rescue of his ‘bhakts’, has the kind of verve mostly missing from children’s films in India.

Little Rameshwari (Ritika), struggling to come to terms with her new step mom, becomes the target of the black-hearted Kokoi (Sushmita).

In gallops Hanuman ji, in the guise of young lad Maruti (Erik), and saves her from the wicked old woman and her really bad cohorts—a loafer brother (Shabaaz) read full review...

2. Real Bollywood news

Eight year old, Rameshwari (Ritika) loses her mother during her birth and is brought by her dad, Kunwar Raghavendra Singh (Chandrachur) who remarries for getting her a mother. While Rameshwari’s stepmom Mohini is a kind soul of sorts, her mother Kokoi is diabolical character, a witch whose sole aim is grabbing Raghavendra’s entire property for which she is even willing to kill the father and daughter. As Kokoi’s evil plans start getting troublesome for Rameshwari, the little girls seeks help from her favourite deity Lord Hanuman (Vindoo). Hanuman sends for her help a friend, Maruti (Erik) a small boy with magical powers. Kokoi realizes the reasons for her all her nasty plans going flop is none other than Maruti. She then succeeds in creating a misunderstanding between the two kids and brings Rameshwari to a situation where she herself tells him to go out of the house. Once Maruti leaves Kokoi gets back to her devious plans. But how Maruti comes back and destroys Kokoi and her evil Read Full Review....

3. Yahoo Movies by Indiaabroad

Chandrachur Singh would have to wait for a while before he could actually term a movie as a 'comeback film'. That's because 'Maruti Mera Dosst' is certainly not the film that would bring him back in the reckoning.

Two years after his last release 'Sarhad Paar', Chandrachur Singh is seen once again on the silver screen. In this 'part live, part animation' film, he reprises the role of a Mr. Richie Rich who has lost his wife and has to raise a child (Ritika Shrivastava) all by himself.

So the basic plot of 'Maruti Mera Dosst' pretty much is on the same lines as 2000 film 'Raju Chacha'. We have a huge mansion, a doting father, an innocent child, some scheming relatives, including one played by Sushmita Mukherji, and a horde of villains like those essayed by Murli Sharma and Shahbaaz Khan, and finally an ultimate dost (friend).

In 'Raju Chacha', this 'dost' was a friendly thief (Ajay Devgan) while in 'Maruti Mera Dosst', it is Lord Hanuman himself who comes in the form of a kid..read full review...

4. Times Of India by Nikhat Kazmi TNN

Taalis for a desi kiddies flick that doesn't talk down and actually believes that stories can be told the Snow White and Cinderella way in native cinema too. With hardly any hype and a title that says nothing, this film sure does come as a surprise. First, because the kids actually act as kids. The boy Hanuman is quite adorable in his unkempt slacks and his passion for swinging on a tyre, when not saving the world. The elders are either delightfully cruel, like Sushmita Mukherjee or genteel and kind like Chandrachur Singh and the film mercifully doesn't have any overt morals to preach to all us paapis. Of course, the animation (just a part of the film) could have been better. But we'll ignore that.

So what does it have? A neat little story, told with panache, almost like a fairy tale. Young Rameshwari loses her mother and finds solace in the larger-than-life Hanuman statue near her house. Of course, she loves her dad (Chandrachur Singh) and dad loves her too, but there's the wimpish step mom and her outrageously villanish motherread full review...

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